Alan White is probably best known as “The Guy on the Freedom Trail Poster”. He was most recently seen on stage in Matchless and the Happy Prince at Central Square theater. He has performed at FringeNYC, The Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, and multiple New England Theaters. He’s performed in several indie films and over 10 regional commercials for clients like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Staples, and the Connecticut Lottery.

Alan continues to study his craft always striving to grow and improve his art. He studies with stage and screen professionals from Boston to New York. He brings a confidence, passionate dedication, professionalism and artistry, gained from years of training and experience to every project.

Alan loves to make things. When he isn’t acting he’s shooting photos, painting or building PC’s. When he hits creative overload Alan will lose himself in a good book, or a great video game.

Storytelling in all its forms can effect people so deeply. It’s one of the best things about acting, you don’t know how or if your audience will be moved to feel by your work but when they are you feel like you’ve given something of yourself.

Want to know what story Alan is telling now? Send him a tweet.