Royally Unseen



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    Royally Unseen is a 60 minute solo play, written and performed by Alan White, examining the experience of a Black man coming of age in the high expectations of family and prejudices of America. Royally Unseen uses the metaphor of a fantasy kingdom to explore the different personas families create both inside and outside the home meant to protect but often tearing the family apart. The play examines how the bonds of family can be both supportive and strangling until the discovery of clarity, and forgiveness offer freedom. Royally Unseen is a play about judgement, abuse, love, anxiety, success, failure, and family.

    Alan White has performed on stages in New York and New England, including performances at the New York International Fringe Festival, and the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival.  Alan has criss-crossed the north east as a storyteller. He’s appeared as a featured teller at multiple festivals and is a MassMouth story slam winner.

What people say about Alan


” [Alan] White  brings emotional richness …”

“Degen and White are remarkable ensemble players, shifting with ease amongst the numerous inhabitants in the phantasmagorical landscapes of Wilde and Maguire, whether as actors or puppeteers.”

“Very engaging”