I’m 15 days in to my low carb diet. Mostly it’s been easy to change my eating habits. I think the fact that I quit smoking long ago has worked in my favor. I’m not counting carbs very often. I’ve stopped eating grains, refined sugars and baked goods for now. For the most part I only check the carb content when I’m tempted to buy snack. If a single serving of the snack has over 20g of carbs or a high sugar content I put it down and make another choice. Fortunately I love nuts *snicker* so they are a go to for me. Otherwise I eat more proteins and double down on the vegetables. I did recently have a major need for sweets so I found a recipe for keto cookies that foot the bill.
When I get back to my target weight I want to bring grains back but in much smaller portions than I’ve eaten them.

So about that target weight thing. My scale lies lies LIES! We have a digital scale which one would think is very accurate. But depending on the day I step on it it tells me a different weight. When I started this trip my scale said I weighed either somewhere between 176 – 174lbs. those numbers were 24 hours apart and this was before I changed any eating habits.
At different times It has said I weighed different amounts throughout. So Today I decided to test it. I stepped on the scale three times in a row. Not changing anything except allowing the scale to recalibrate to zero between each weighing. It reported that I weighed 172, 168, 170 lbs in that order. Lies lies LIES!

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