Royally Unseen

A one person Play Written by Alan White
Performed by Alan White
Directed by Pascale Florestal

Royally Unseen is the mostly true Fantasy of a Black man coming of age in the high expectations of family and prejudice of America. Judgement, abuse, love, discrimination, forgiveness, and a profound loneliness all ride the rise and fall of a personal kingdom.

“An extremely warm and engaging storyteller that makes you sit forward and want to hear more.”
-Rabbit Reviews Boston

Engaging, warm, funny, touching, and almost too honest to bear at times.”
-Kim C. Theatre Faculty Worcester State University, MA.

filled with insights into surviving racism, isolation and family relationships using humor and honesty.”
Andrea L.

Royally Unseen, brings light to the struggle of being an artist of color in our low-key racist culture, and the challenge of honoring one’s passions and “blackness” in a home environment that demands perfection..”
Zoe K.

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