The Dash and My first acting gig.


In loving honor of my mother and friend Anna G. White.

Anna White 1978
Anna White 1978

We planned and created much of Mom’s funeral ourselves with a huge amount of help from her church community and friends.  During the service I read a part of the poem “The Dash by Linda Ellis You can read the whole poem here.

After I shared the story of how mom gave me my first acting gig:

I was maybe seven or eight years old and mom took me to McDonald’s ™ for dinner. One of her friends from work came in to the restaurant with 2 other acquaintances and didn’t say hello to us as he passed our table. My mother did not take insults lightly. So she turned to me and said “Alan I’ll buy you an extra ice cream if you go up to my friend and say ‘Hi Daddy, when are you coming home?”

and thus a career was launched.

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