Mother Hicks


Today was the final performance of Mother Hicks by Emerson stage. The first play in the Ware trilogy was produced as part of the full cycle in collaboration with Wheelock Family Theatre producing A Taste of Sunrise, and Central Square Theater producing The Edge of Peace. Ware is a small close knit community in Illinois. The people are facing multiple hardships including the depression and the desolation of the dust bowl. While the characters put forth a stoic and self reliant face there is a quiet desperation and uncertainty under it all. On a much smaller scale I felt an empathy brought on by the snow disaster that hit New England this winter. This play could not have been more timely. Even more the play’s themes of how we treat people as a community and what makes someone an outsider or accepted resonate loudly with many if the conversations happening on the local and national level.
The people of Ware are a great example of the complexity in every person and remind us that you can’t take anyone for granted.

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