Remembering to love the body.

The reality is many men have body image issues also. We don’t talk about it because it is a sign of weakness. Or so my generation thought, many younger men are more evolved than I am. Despite that, this post is inspired by a recent Moth Podcast and what a Goddess of the Southwest taught me.

Part of me will always wish my body was more svelte and showed more muscle tone with less work but I love my body.
I love my body because;
My body has hiked mountains at midnight.
My body has watched sunlight creep over the horizon and kiss leaves in countless colors.
My body has tasted incredible roll your eyes back foods.
My body has given me incredible toe curling orgasms.
My body has walked in the waters of 3 different oceans.
My body has explored ancient civilizations and the birthplace of gods.
My body has endured the unadulterated hedonism of college.
My body has held my infant nephew and niece in my arms.
My body has felt the wind race over my skin and howl in my ears.
My body has danced in award winning musicals.
My body has sung in elite choir festivals.
My body has fenced against some of the best swordsmen and women in America.
My body has pulled “all nighters” to launch web sites during the dot .com boom and bust.
My body suffered years of abuse through tobacco and booze but is still performs and is reliable.
These are just some of the reasons I love my dimpled slightly droopy pudgy body.
Why do you love your body?

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