Showing Up In New Ways

The year before last I decided to change how I showed up in my career. I want to be seen as an actor worth leading roles in meaningful projects. I’ve been pretty successful but I want more challenging parts. I’ve been working toward that goal since then. Getting more training, and putting it to the test. And believing I am ready for the roles that I really want instead of my old mindset of “I’ll take anything I’m offered.” The other day I was on set with a friend and we were catching up about what we’d been working on. I described my recent project The Van Meder Trust, a play about identity, family loyalty and racial bias, and A Member of the Wedding, a play about adolescence, love, homosexuality and isolation. After I described them she told me she really liked that I was working on projects about issues we’re still working through today. It was one of the nicest things anyone said to me. It also makes me feel like I am moving in the right direction as far as how I want to be seen

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