“Swan Song”


I don’t believe we’re going to make it as a species.

Not long ago the climate change experts were saying the earth was warming and polar ice melting much faster than predicted. What was expected to take 50 years was taking 10.  There were no explanations for why the temperatures were rising so much faster. Even more recently Volkswagen was exposed as having hidden the fact that they produced higher emission vehicles than standards allow. They programmed the vehicles to register as less polluting than they really were.  That made me wonder, if 1 company was getting away with that for years, how many other companies were doing similar things. How many corporations found a way to appear more green then reality? So decades of climate change research, modeling and suggested counter measures may have been created based on inaccurate data. Today I heard mention that Exxon Mobile despite knowing the truth about climate change used to fund groups that worked to debunk climate change.

How many more corporations?

I think we’re too late. We thought we had time but we’ve been lied to. The individuals who run certain corporations have sold the future of our species for profit, and we’re all going to pay the price. The human race is an endangered species. The planet is going to kill us.

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